Packaging accurately at the label weight is not only lawful, but the integrity of your brand and product. When it comes to filling equipment, AS&E understands that the most expensive part of cost of ownership results from inaccuracy within the bags on the machine. The auger filler is like the cash register of your business, every dollar of revenue that comes into your company comes through the auger filler. Therefore, accuracy is addressed in a variety of ways in all of AS&E’s machines. Through servo technology, each auger’s position, velocity, and acceleration are precisely controlled.

This allows for AS&E’s advanced controls to account for changes in batch density, moisture content, and grind variances by integrating closed-loop weight control algorithms. Through the combination of these technologies, adjustments are made each time a bag is weighed resulting in a near 0% product giveaway.


Continuing with the idea of reducing cost of ownership, maintenance is seldom if ever required with AS&E machines as the initial designs were built for reliability, creating an inherently reliable machine.  This top priority from the beginning resulted in judicious use of designs, selection of components, and over sizing of gear train components for greater functional life. Therefore, machines from 1987 are still in use today and with little to no repairs or down time.   

In addition, the production of each machine is designed and carried out with precision tools. Each machine is manufactured on high precision CNC machines, which results in very little wearing of the mechanical tooling and extends tooling life significantly.

Additionally, AS&E’s machines are reliably sanitary due to the nature of each design. All parts of the machine that touch product are stainless steel or anodized aluminum and all seals are metal to metal requiring no gasketing. This ensures no bacterial harboring and a safe product for your consumer.


Servomotors can run 2.5 times faster than the fastest clutch brake auger fillers. 

Particularly on VFFS machines, faster filling allows for faster machine cycles, with less chance of product in the seams.

To capitalize on the faster speed of servomotors, each AS&E design utilizes low inertia components throughout the power train. Not only does this allow each auger filler to start and stop instantly, but results in a lower power consumption and green design.


AS&E’s innovative HMIs allow operators to control package weight without calculations or subjectivity. By integrated closed-loop weight feedback, auger adjustments are automatic, precise, and instantaneous, creating one of the most user-friendly control systems available.

The HMI provides a looking glass or microscope into all aspects of the machine, allowing both operator and technician complete information on the machine in one simple location.

Imagine you’re the office manager and your technician is on vacation. The machine isn’t running and you can’t figure out what’s wrong so you place a call to AS&E. You’re told to go to the HMI and pull up the screen where you’re guided to find that a single broken wire on the VFFS has shut the system down. Knowing that diagnosing machine failures over the phone saves you time and money, AS&E designed the HMI so that you can find even the smallest problematic detail at your fingertips.

Finally, through a unique delta wing design, AS&E machines require less head height than traditional clutch brake auger fillers. Coupled with a selection of multiple hopper sizes, augers can be adjusted to fit in the smaller head heights required for some operations.