Houston, Texas based Automation Supply & Engineering, Inc. built the first servo filler and servo retrofits for clutch-brake systems in 1987 at the company’s inception.  Designed to eliminate many of the common problems that many popular designs exhibited, the servo-based controls brought increased production speeds and higher dispensing accuracy to the auger filler industry than had previously been possible. 

Since then, AS&E has expanded both into a modern manufacturing facility and by adding additional product offerings. Through observing and discussing customer’s pain points, new solutions joined AS&E’s product line.  An example of this is the innovative flavoring system that allows in-the-bag flavoring without creating uneven flavor dispersion. 

Ken Kunze, the founder of AS&E, set out more than 30 years ago with an entrepreneurial spirit and a set of beliefs that still guide the company today. From believing in the importance of customer first, continuous improvement, and industrial reliability to manufacturing in the United States, these central tenants guide all strategy and design within the company. Click through below for an expansion on the design principles that drive AS&E’s technology.