Auger Filler Overview

One of the sayings at AS&E is “Faster, Smarter, Better.” While these words seem simple, the meaning behind each creates a superior filler that not only saves you money in lost product but cares for the daily operations within your packaging line.


Models M35 | M50 | M75

The Model 35 (entry level single lane), Model 75 (single lane), and Model 50 (dual lane to fit a dual lane FFS machines) servo-driven auger fillers are AS&E’s flagship products. The state of the art controls on each filler include scale weight feedback for quick, precise, on-the-fly auger adjustment. Mechanically, the power train is specifically designed for high-speed operation and a long, problem free service life. 


Multilane Single Serve

Formulated to quickly and accurately fill for single use coffee servings, the M90 series allows for a minimum of one and maximum of four filling lanes. Each lane is run by its own servo motor, allowing for separate agitation by lane.



Realizing that every packaging solution is custom, AS&E engineers listen to your needs then work with your samples and containers to build a custom and outstanding system. Have an existing packaging system that needs updating? The expanded AS&E product line addresses fillers and retrofits, controls, scales, monitors, and more to assure improved performance and helpful reporting. See more about retrofit kits here.