All of AS&E’s equipment has been carefully designed to place the customer first. For more than thirty years, AS&E has expanded product offerings while refining and advancing technology from the original auger filler models. Whether you’re looking for a stand-alone filler, a VFFS or HFFS integrated filler, a multi-lane single serve filler, AS&E can provide solutions. Click here to see more about the design principles that guide each of AS&E’s technologies.

M75 Auger Filler


AS&E’s first and signature product line delivers superior accuracy, precision, and speed. All fillers are built with servo motor technology and supported by a closed-loop weight feedback system that yields results you have to see to believe. Package weights can be as small as 5 grams or as large as 50 pounds with product specific tooling for both non- and free flowing products.

Flavor System.jpg


AS&E has a solution to prevent hours of hand mixing and handling through an innovative direct to bag flavoring system. This easy to use system fills each bag with coffee and flavoring with precise control of flavor percentage and bag weight. No pre blending and minimal change over time between flavors is required. Our customers report increased flavored coffee sales after years of stagnation due to the ability to efficiently package short runs of uniquely flavored products.

Batch Gate w Product.jpg


Understanding that bags and single serve cups are packaged in box sizes to ship, AS&E manufactures batch counting systems that quickly and accurately batch product for end of line packaging. Instead of pausing production, resulting in a slower throughput, these built to order systems provides the necessary time to change out boxes. Built for bags and single serve cups, the bomb bay style doors or star wheel designs guarantee you get the exact number of bags or cups in the box every time.



Upstream of the batch counting systems, AS&E provides rejection systems specific to the requirement of the application.  Products without lids or improperly applied lids, over and under weight, or without proper labeling can all be rejected before reaching end of line packaging. Engineered to fit the speed of your production line and budget, these rejection systems can be as simple as pneumatic plungers or as sophisticated as servo driven star wheel rejecters.