AS&E’s state of the art controls are ideal for a variety of different brand packaging machines. Older or problematic electronics are replaced with an optimized control system to ensure years of trouble free production. In addition, each operative interface (HMI) is designed to provide the most intuitive screens for your operators and technicians. Additionally, AS&E fillers can be fully integrated into most existing packaging controls. In addition to base packer upgrades, packager/filler integration offers a simple, efficient overall control system.

AS&E has controls upgrades for Bosch, General, Illipak, KeyPak, Triangle, Universal, and Wright. Through creative controls architecture, AS&E offers upgrades that are easier to use and more productive than the original OEM controls. As an example, on KeyPak bag-in-bag machines, a single PLC and HMI integrates both the top and bottom machines. The operator only needs to enter the bags per minute (bpm) and the overwrap ratio, the controls do the rest automatically. 

Services include on-site work as well as upgrades performed at the AS&E facility in Houston, TX.

Advantages of AS&E’s system upgrades include:

  • "Off of the shelf” components for future maintainability
  • Full integration of filler and take-away conveyor
  • World-class electronics resulting in years of reliable service
  • Easy to use operator controls featuring graphical touch screen for setup
  • Ability to store recipes for quick production change over
  • Optional weight scale for rapid/automatic filler adjustment (for integrated filler controls)
  • Control of machine options such as printers, valve applicators, code-daters, etc.
  • AS&E state of the art, innovative controls architecture


EXISTING AUGER FILLERS- Have an older system with clutch brake mechanisms that no longer gives you the speed and precision you need? AS&E provides the power train and control systems used on M75 fillers tailored for existing clutch brake systems. Off the shelf packages are available for All Fill, AMS, Bartelt, Mateer-Burt, and Rovema.

VFFS MACHINES- Why buy a brand new VFFS machine when your old iron is still dependable? AS&E provides retrofit control systems to bring older machines up to current technology using off the shelf control system components and systems architecture. Off the shelf retrofit kits are available for Bosch, GPEC, Ilapak, Hayssen, KeyPak (Single and BnB), Triangle, and Wright.


Need help updating your infeed systems and take away conveying systems? AS&E controls engineers are highly skilled at integrating both in front of and down stream of the auger filler, form fill and seal machines, and other packaging machinery.